Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk Oct 5, 2013 Lasalle, Ontario

     So this was the second year I attended the W.W.P.W. here in Windsor. It was actually out in Lasalle this year as the leader felt they had already covered the good areas in Windsor. In Lasalle we had the park, Fort Malden, The Pier, the downtown area and just about anywhere else we wanted to go in the town. This year my son Liam joined me again and we shared the camera. His shots appear here also. These are just a selection of some of the best we took of the 600 shots.  

Old  style lamp post with flag and banner.

House across from park near the fort. They had a number of statues in the yard. This one caught my site - under the tree with the water in the back ground.

There was just something about this dark porch with the shaded approach.

A lone tree changing color on the rocky bit connecting two islands.

Laying down looking up with the trees circled above.

Old wooden base under a fort cannon. 

The view of the fort manor, reflected through the window of the barracks & you can still see the uniforms hanging. 

A squirrel seems to have left some of it's snack behind.

The seal on top of one of the cannons at the pier.

There is a bronze memorial statue at the pier of three flint lock rifles, leaning up in tri-pod formation. The tops of the guns morph into these flowers. I put my camera on a tri-pod and the tri-pod on the base of the memorial to get the angle for this. 

     The following are a selection of the shots my son Liam took. We were just leaving the waters edge; where I took the one above of the tree on the rocks, when we noticed a tree stump. We both were thinking it would make a good shot, when Liam noticed there was a sail slithering across it. Liam had the camera and got down on the ground and started snapping close up shots. There were several really good ones, these two were the best.

You can see the slime trail it's leaving, and see through the body. See the vein leading from the one antenna own into the body?

It got to the edge and looks down to figure out how to descend the rough bark.

Looking down the barrel. It's a little ...rusty in there.

Standing guard.

Looking up the ladder of the manor at Fort Malden.

Bee on the flower at the Pier.

Bee on the flower at the Pier.

Moth on the flower at the Pier.
    Really enjoyed the walk and the lunch afterward. We sat and talked more this year then in the past year. I also talked my friend George into going this year and so we enjoyed the experience together. I look forward to seeing his pictures and sharing ours.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Aug 4 2013 Windsor GM, Via, Hiram Walker & Ford's

    It's been to long. I have had some changes over the last few months and now a few more. Haven't had to to take many pictures or do my Genealogy  or my blogs. I had to get out and take some shots and so It was a nice and cloudy night out. I went down to the river front area and more specifically the newly build train station and found some inspiration in the area. As I was driving down over the tracks toward the train station I glanced to the left. I have noticed before the view of the GM building; or Rec Cen as it was known, before. It is view of it looking between two of the Hiram Walker buildings and under a walkway built between them.  So I set up my tripod and snapped a few.

     Love the Dark blue of the sky and the crispness of the buildings.  You see why I had to snap a few, after months of nothing.  Then I turned around and snapped a few of the train sitting in the station and the new station. The contrast of darkness and the redness of the shadowed side just contrast so nicely.

    As I was driving out of the station to see what else I could shoot, I noticed the Ford Smoke stacks. I have shot them before from down river on the other side; but haven't shot them from this side so close. So I decided to drive back around to shoot them; however as I got to the light I noticed another of the Hiram Walker buildings across the street, right on the river front. It has a lot of glass in it and it is reflecting the sky from the sunset sky and is just a great shot. So I parked and got those shots next.

    Love the look of these. The dark blue in the windows and the browns lf the brick and tree. Just so good I looked up as I drove up to the light at this corner when I did. I could have missed it. So then I ma standing there getting these shots with the camera on the tripod and I have to try to take it while no cars are coming. I don't want light streaks in it. However i have wanted to take pictures with light streaks; and so here is a clear opportunity. So I adjust the tripod and snap a few.

   For my first ever of these; not to bad. I definitely want to do something more, and more dramatic; but again for a first time, i am happy with the outcome of these.  So lastly I have to turn around and get the shots of the Ford Smoke stacks building. I turnaround and there is a parking lot directly ahead of the exit to the train station. It has some truck trailers in it and is otherwise empty. So lots of room to park and set up.

    So for a first time shooting in months, I have to say it was nice to have a great night, and to see some new inspiration. Can't wait to see what else presents itself. I have missed this.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Foggy Nov 19 2012 Morning In Windsor (Part 3 - Goose Bay Park)

   So lastly that day, I was driving along Riverside Drive and passed the Goose Bay Park. A small park on the edge of the river with about 30 or more Canadian Geese swimming in the bay as the fog hung over the river.  I parked and started snapping shots. The only thing I couldn't get was some taking flight from the water. They just swam around. I got a few good ones though. Hope you enjoy and "Remember When ..." you last watched the birds.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Foggy Nov 19 2012 Morning In Windsor (Part 2 The Peace Fountain Park on Riverside)

    So I continued to look for opportunity to take some photo's on this foggy morning, and drove down to the  Peace Fountain Park at the riverfront. I thought that maybe I could get some shots of the GM building (REN CEN) in Detroit as the sun burned the fog off the river. Kind of appearing in the distance out of the mist. But even by 11 am it was still thick over the river, even though you could look the other direction over Windsor and see clearly for a good long way and see clear blue skies. I hadn't eaten breakfast and my sugar was getting low, so I had to quit by then. I got some pictures of the gulls and ducks though. The one with the gull on the corner of the fence with another one flying over was a great opportunity and in the grayed out area to the right (where I placed my water mark) is where the GM building would have been, if you could see through the fog. I did lighten up the one with the duck in the water on notch, it was to grayed out otherwise.  Looking through the spider web with the water droplets on it makes me "Remember When...." I was a kid and use to wonder how come the web didn't melt with the water on it, let alone survive the pelting of the drops hitting them.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Foggy Nov 19 2012 Morning In Windsor (Part 1 Walkerville)

     It was a great foggy morning on Nov 18, 2012 and I brought my kids to school. Totally forgetting to grab my camera that morning. I was half way there when I realized it. Luckily I got another chance to grab it on the next morning. I took it through the Walkerville area as I had a few weeks before. The fog hanging over the grave yard next to St. Mary's church with the flags still on the graves, from Remembrance Day.  Willistead Manor and the park with the Fog and trees. Almost haunting.

    Let's "Remember When...." they walked the battle fields of War, to secure our freedom's now.